The Clash at Cragwatch

Session #6: June 16th, 2:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Before the session began, Adam stated that he wanted to continue GMing for a while longer and invited our suggestions for ways to improve the campaign. He also informed us that David would not be joining until next session; he foresaw a challenging fight ahead, so he ruled that the party had found two potions of cure light wounds mixed in with the pelts in the flooded storeroom. Albricht and Peter each added one to their inventories, and Adam described our foes’ equipment. Faren wore studded leather armor, was armed with a longbow, and carried a longsword and a short spear; Bast wore a breastplate, was armed with a heavy crossbow, and carried a longsword and a heavy wooden shield; Thrask wore a chain shirt, was armed with a greataxe, and carried a short spear; and M wore studded leather armor and was armed with a rapier, a dagger, and a buckler. He also had a strange-looking bag clipped to his belt. We were given a few minutes to discuss tactics, then opted to forego the recap and leap right into the battle for the sake of dramatic tension.

Ezzy, who was the first to act, healed the wound that Peter had sustained in the battle with the dire wolf. Thrask charged Peter while Faren fired an arrow at him, but they both missed. Himani dodged a crossbow bolt as she moved to flank and attack Thrask, and was in turn flanked and stabbed by M. Albricht healed his wound from the previous fight and appealed to Eld for the power to smite evil, which he used to deal M a powerful blow. Ezzy channeled energy to heal the party’s wounds, Thrask gulped down a potion and chopped off a couple of his toes with a missed slash at Himani, and Bast drew his sword and shield to melee with the party. Peter and Himani finished Thrask off, and M threw his tanglefoot bag at Albricht’s feet, impeding the paladin’s movement with the sticky glue and getting smitten a second time for his efforts. Ezzy took an arrow from Faren, and Bast hurled a bag of alchemist’s fire that set Himani ablaze. Peter dizzied himself when he missed Bast with a spinning slash and got stabbed by M’s rapier, and Himani took a blow from the mastermind as she rolled around in an unsuccessful attempt to put out the fire. Albricht smote M a third time, and Ezzy extinguished the burning Himani with a well-timed casting of create water. Bast dizzied himself when he followed through a little too much on a missed slash, allowing Peter to stab M without distraction. Albricht smote him a fourth and final time, cleaving through his skull with an overhead slice.

Though M lay dead, Bast and Faren were too caught up in the thrill of battle to consider retreat or surrender. Bast’s breastplate and shield turned aside the rogues’ blades with ease – even when Ezzy used guidance to improve Peter’s odds of hitting – and Faren opted to draw his sword after having trouble with his bow and taking a blow from Albricht. He and Bast flanked Himani and staggered her with a couple of lucky strikes, but she was able to withdraw to Ezzy’s side and receive healing while Peter kept the thugs distracted. They flanked and critically wounded him, but Albricht laid Faren low with a slash of his longsword. Ezzy channeled energy before Bast knocked her to the ground with a frenzied slash, and Peter was sent back to death’s door when the thug saw him trying to surreptitiously quaff a healing potion. Albricht healed Ezzy, who crawled to Peter’s side and used rebuke death to save him, and Bast critically wounded Himani with two furious slashes. Albricht dealt him a fatal blow, then healed Peter while Ezzy tended to Himani’s wounds.

After downing a couple of healing potions, the party members were back on their feet and ready to search their fallen foes. They had several masterwork weapons and pieces of armor for the party to use; Peter procured M’s buckler and a bag of alchemist’s fire, Himani took M’s rapier, Albricht took the potions of divine favor and cure light wounds, and Ezzy claimed a cold iron dagger, a composite longbow, and a chain shirt as her own. M was still carrying the 375 gold pieces that the party had paid him for the map, and they distributed these and his thugs’ coins evenly between themselves and the party fund. They gathered up the rest of the masterwork equipment to sell it in town, and Peter pocketed a key that M had been carrying. It was roughly rod-shaped and had a button set in it. Albricht pushed the button as he examined the key, which caused some star-like projections to extend from the rod. Coincidentally, these projections matched the appearance of the lock on the door in the corner, and the key fit perfectly. The party pushed the door open and strode into a storeroom full of foodstuffs and equipment, in which they found a creature that resembled an albino troll. Its hands were clutching a black book with a lock on it – the same one that M had been so intent on procuring. They stared at the creature tensely, struggling to find words as they sized up the situation.

The session adjourned there, and the party earned enough experience to advance to 3rd level. We were instructed to finish leveling up our characters before the next session, which was scheduled for June 29th.



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